January 19, 2018  
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Answering the call of the river

My fossil hunting days are becoming more frequent. I just went the other day for my first dive of the year (post forthcoming) and then a few days ago, da fossz called me up for a trip to the river. I was in and motivated. We were in the water fast and hunting hard. I found a nice area of ashley formation and I proceeded to fan. The fossils just jumped out at me. First a big chunk of dugong skull, then a bunch of whale teeth, and finally a point. df was rackin hard down river, and he was nice enough to share a bit of the area with me. There were big teeth laying all over the place in plain site. None were perfect, but they spoke loud and clear. The river is loaded with big teeth and all I have to do is go pick them up.

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/4/2007

A respectable haul for my second day in the river.
A group shot of all the whale teeth I found today while fanning the sand. The teeth were laying loose just on top of the ashley formation. I fanned around for a while, but never found where the teeth came from.
The underside of the Dugong skull piece. The two rounded indentations near the middle of the fossil is where the brain was.
The top view of the dugong skull piece.
The end view of the skull piece.
A really nice section of squalodon jaw my son found near my teeth. I wonder where the molars are that fell out of this killer piece??
Top view of the jaw section. Notice the large hole where the premolar sits. The other holes are sets - two holes for each root lobe of each molar - I'm guessing the molars are around two inches long and look just like archaeocete molars. This section of jaw did not contain the teeth that I found today.

Squalodon Tooth
Squalodon Tooth
Squalodon tooth
Squalodon tooth
Quartz point
Quartz point
Three Reasons I Love SC…..Teeth, teeth and teeth.
Three Reasons I Love SC…..Teeth, teeth and teeth.





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