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Good Diving Gear Counts!

I called t$ at 11:30 to see if he wanted to go to the river and he was really excited. I told him to come over as soon as he got ready. I figured he lived about 20 minutes away, so he would be at my place in about 40 minutes after we hung up. I gathered up all my gear and piled it into the truck and started waiting for t$ to arrive. Then I waited some more. Then a little longer. I called his cell phone to see what the holdup was an hour into the wait. No answer. FINALLY, a full hour and a half later he finally showed up without a hair out of place, lookin like we were going to meet babes. I think he actually took a shower to get ready to go diving!

Anyway, the day was just beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. The river was so clear that we didn't even need lights with the radiant overhead sun. We went just a little up river from the spot where all the whale teeth were coming from. There weren't as many shark teeth here, but I managed to find another whale tooth so I was pretty happy. Then I found a scraper so I got really excited. Next came a really nice atlas vertebra, likely from the whale that lost all the teeth I've been finding lately. I moved a bunch of sand looking for the whale skull, but it never showed its snout. I uncovered a really nice ray plate and some more shark teeth, and a marble. Somewhere, buried in the sand, there is a skull. There has to be.

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/15/2007


Squalodon Tooth
Squalodon Tooth
Ray mouth plate
Ray mouth plate
Atlas Vertebra
Atlas Vertebra
My first dive in the river!
My first dive in the river!





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