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If I did not have to eat, I would never leave

"If I did not have to eat, I would never leave." Famous words of da fossz in reference to the Edisto river, uttered several years ago still ring true. On the second day of da fossz's visit, we decided to hit the river in the afternoon to spend a few quality hours collecting in a fantastic location.

We were all business on this hunt. No messing around. Suit up, get in, find teeth. I was in a rich area with a thick gravel bed. I fanned the sand and gravel carefully so I wouldn't miss artifacts. This particular site seemed to be loaded. I was rewarded with two points. Unfortunately, one was broken but the other was fantastic!

Darkness came far too quickly, and we had to leave. We left happy with the knowledge that we would be back the next day to continue the recovery effort!

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/13/2007


Cute Point
Cute Point





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