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A Fan of Fanning

My last day of the three day fossil binge was a full day in the Edisto River. After RD made a handsome contribution to support our local community’s infrastructure he met up with myself and DW. We geared up rather quickly as the sun baked down. This was our last BRFC hunt with the mighty Digr during his SC fossil-fest, so I hoped his presence would bring me fortune one more day. We trekked up to our collecting spot and settled in by fanning around gravel beds. I started on my spot from the day before  (very Golden Shovel-esque) and the teeth were exposed with each fanning motion. After a few minutes I bagged a nice squalodon tooth and sweet angy. This was a warm up for me as more teeth came out of this marvelous gravel bed. Two more complete angy and about 100 teeeth later, RD hunted along side me in the gravel bed. I flipped out a large mako and another nice angy.  By days end I was loaded down with a bag full of teeth. This was a great finale to the fossil-fest!

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added8/14/2007

The complete teeth from day 3.
More teeth and a nice squalodon tooth.

Returning the Artifact
Returning the Artifact
Mako Pair
Mako Pair
2" C. Angustiden Pair
2" C. Angustiden Pair
1-3/16" squalodon tooth
1-3/16" squalodon tooth





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