February 19, 2018  
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Yielding the Day to He Who was Due

After the other day of finding that really superb angustidens, I had to go back and search the area a little bigger. t$, hearing about the tooth before he saw it, was actually on time when he showed up to my place before our trip to the river. I tried to pull the old switcheroo and make him think a so-so quality tooth was actually the superhero. He didn't fall for it. He said something along the lines of "I thought you said this tooth was nice!" I showed him the real tooth, and he was fired up.

We didn't waste any time getting into the river. I started fanning where I left off the other day and immediately the rack began with a fine double rooted squalodon molar. This one is not related to the associated set from a few posts ago. I heard an excited gasp underwater and I swam over to where t$ was working. We were pretty close in the water. He pointed over to the area he was working at a massive angustidens just beginning to show itself. First the blade, then the perfect bourlette and cusps, finally the near immaculate root. It looked gigantic underwater.

Congrats to t$ on his first really big river tooth!

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/19/2007

Check out the root with no blade. I saw the broken part first, so I knew immediately. Its 4 1/4 inches wide!! That is wider than the biggest angustidens in my collection right now. What a monstrous tooth it used to be! I would guess it was around the 5 inch mark.

A Victorious Day!
A Victorious Day!
Squalodon Molar
Squalodon Molar





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