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Finprints in the Sand

With the tremendous success that t$ and I had the other day, I had a lot of hope for the trip today. We were looking for new spots again and today we had little trouble finding some place we'd never been before. In this spot, the gravel was poking through the sand and we swam it from end to end, picking up a lot of stuff but it was a small spot and we quickly killed it. We had gone a long way up river, and we decided that rather than keep looking, we should head back to the spot we did so well at the last time.

We started further back on the bend than the other day, and just as t$ surmised, there was gravel there too. He stayed back there all day fanning while I went swimming again. I was surprised how many teeth were still there after the ludicrous rack from the other day. I thought I did a thorough job when I thought back to my first few dives in the Cooper. I remember this dude named Lesko who always managed to come up with a bag full of teeth, even when the rest of the divers on the boat found very little. When I asked him his secret, he said he flipped the sand with his fins and moved backwards with the current, and there were always teeth present. I always move against the current so I never have to swim hard to get back to the boat, so today I was swimming the area I kicked the other day. I probably exposed the teeth the last time through, and this time I was just cleaning up after myself.

I hoped that t$ did as well, and the smile on his non-swollen face spoke volumes. I love to find a lot of teeth, but its great for others to share in the bounty too.

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/27/2007

A lot of these teeth are really nice but I haven't had time to clean them off yet! Now is the time to hunt. Later is the time to clean.

A Better Day at the Edisto
A Better Day at the Edisto





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