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Chalk this one up to experience

One of the best things about diving in the same general area is that I have gotten to know a pretty big stretch of the river pretty well. Today, I went to a spot that we haven't touched in several years. We killed there way back then, and I thought it was time to hit it again.

The first thing I remembered about this spot was how ripping the current was. The reason is because a small side creek empties into the river here, and the result is current that can easily rip your mask off. Even with all the current, I didn't find the giant teeth I expected to be just poking out of the sand. There is hard bottom under the sand, so there's not really any new material washing out. Its all old stuff being uncovered.

At the end of the day I had quite a haul of teeth, with most being badly broken and worn. I did manage a couple of nice one, including a really nice angustidens and a benedeni.

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/2/2007


Parotodus benedeni
Parotodus benedeni
Angustidens tooth
Angustidens tooth





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