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Parotodus Patrol

I had a few hours to spare so I picked up my gear and hit the river. I've been in the zone lately so I was hopeful of a repeat performance. I was in the same spot as a few weeks ago when I scored the superhero angustidens. I swam over the spot where the aforementioned chomper was recovered and there was ANOTHER big root hanging out of the green. How could I have missed it when I was here last time? As luck would have it, I forgot my screwdriver so I swam the few feet back to shore, picked it up, and swam back to dig out the tooth. I couldn't find it! I spent 10 minutes nose to the bottom until I found it again. It was so well camouflaged I couldn't believe it. When I dug it out, it was really hammered and I was a little bummed. But I'm not greedy, so I just moved on with the hunt.

I moved some sand for a little while and I found a few more teeth. I was almost out of time so I said to myself  "One more tooth, then I go." Seconds later, I found the little Parotodus - the third I've found in only a month. I've gone years between Parotodus before. I wonder if my devotion to Mexican food is pleasing to the Universe?

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/5/2007


Parotodus benedeni
Parotodus benedeni





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