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Punishing the Gravel Beds

t$ has been an animal about the fossil hunting lately - I like that. He wants to go all the time, just like me. We have the bug. Diving has been so good that we can't stop. This particular day we went looking for new spots in a new direction. The first one we found was just in front of a bend where a creek joined the river. There was a lot of gravel, but it was really picked over, and we maybe found 2 or 3 teeth each. We headed around the bend, past two incoming streams, and onto a massive gravel bed. Its several feet deep, hundreds of feet long and stretches half-way across the river. We spent almost all day in this spot picking up teeth.

I was working the log jams and t$ was working the middle. Both of us were having a good bit of success. I got in the zone picking stuff up and it wasn't until a small Copperhead slithered in front of me that I snapped back into reality and remembered where I was! This was the second poisonous snake I ran into underwater in a month. It must have been some kind of coincidence that I haven't seen them before this year.

The tooth haul was very successful, and both of us found plenty of nice ones. I feel really slack because I still haven't cleaned off the teeth!

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/12/2007


The Rack Continues
The Rack Continues





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