February 21, 2018  
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The Ace of Blades

After the success of last weekend’s hunt, what could possibly trump my success? There is only one card to play……..

I have been collecting steady for about 13 years now and recent trips to the Edisto have demonstrated that the elusive 4” killer angy is out there. Unfortunately for me, all I have found are frags and shame-ers. Myself and DW decided a mid-week hunt was in order to break the hustle and bustle of our busy grind. We loaded up the boat under sunny skies and the promise of decent viso.  After a pleasant boat ride, we geared up and slipped into the chilly Edisto. A recent cool snap had made the river a caloric consumption device for diving. I think I burned 1000 Calories today! This gravel bed we hit is a relatively new spot and had great potential. DW and T$ had just scratched the surface here. In about an hour I had a sweet Oligocene P. Benedeni and a small patho angy. After a quick lunch I geared up for round two. I passed by DW to see him pillaging some thick gravel and filling his bag with serrated treasures. I made my way down-river a bit and began fanning, only to flap out a large angy. I performed the underwater inspection, smiled, and, oh man, (to quote Lemme) I love this tooth like a reptile!!! I fanned some more after the excitement of the large angy but tired quickly. DW had a bag filler with a decent river meg and a small Benedeni to boot. This may be last river dive for the season, but talk about going out with bang!!


Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added10/21/2007

My best shark tooth outing in the river this season.

4-1/16" C. Angustiden
4-1/16" C. Angustiden
1-3/8" Oligocene P. Benedeni
1-3/8" Oligocene P. Benedeni





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