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Sifting Sands

The recent dry and down right hot weather resulted in a favorable river collecting in the Edisto. It had been a while since I scoured the fossil beds, and even longer since DW and myself collected. No better time than the present (please understand that “why put off today what you can do tomorrow” does not apply to fossilin’!!) I loaded up on the finest java central SC and made my way to DWs crib. As usual, I gazed upon his paleo-prizes before loading up the truck.  We hit the river around 10:30 and I started the day off fast and furious….three angys in five minutes. One was a monster, but a sham-er since the tip was dinged. We hunted some exposed areas around there but the teeth were not plentiful. We moved up river to our favored hunting grounds of last year to find sand had covered up most of the layer. Surely the two of us could figure this one out….let’s see the river flows this way and the sand came from, um, um, up there !! Brilliant!!  The current was a little nasty so the trip upriver was tough. We managed, and it was worth it. I bagged four whole angys with one case worthy (a “good” day). DW bagged a decent angy himself, and a partially worked blade, and a nice little arrow point.  I can only imagine the goodies awaiting upriver this year!!

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added6/10/2008

Mostly whole fossils from my first Edisto trip of 08. Note the Indian potsherd and small point on the left.
The rest of the teeth and frags.

Sanford and Son Fossil Diving
Sanford and Son Fossil Diving
1-3/4" C. Angustiden
1-3/4" C. Angustiden
2" C. Angustiden
2" C. Angustiden
3-1/2" C. Angustiden
3-1/2" C. Angustiden





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