January 26, 2022  
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Happy to finally get my feet wet in the Edisto

I had wisdom teeth surgery a few weeks ago which stopped me from doing any dives in the river in order to prevent infections. After waiting for my mouth to heal over I was ready to go!


Today, I arrived at DW’s pad on time. I waited in his crib as he feasted on some kind of pizza pocket for lunch. I’m surprised it wasn’t a burrito! I had my pre-mexican feast the night before at Moe’s. This would later help me rack a nice little Oligocene Parotodus and a good quantity of teeth!

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/18/2008

A nice haul from the river. The angy top left is 3 1/2".

1 3/16" Parotodus benedeni
1 3/16" Parotodus benedeni
The River Needs Me
The River Needs Me





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