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River Recon Rack

It was time to explore the river again, so I gave DW a cluck on his cell. No hesitation; mid-week fossilin was in order. We had to navigate the ever sifting sands, so this trip tuned into a reconnaissance toothin’ mission. Finally, after a while of searching, we found some tell-tale signs of a good hunting spot. We both signed-off for a few hours for an underwater toothfest. This was one of those days were the teeth were popping out of the fossil layer. I was in gravy mode pretty quick with two whole angys and a tapir tooth. But the rack was just beginning….on the next fan after the tapir tooth, a nice point fell in front of me!!  About a minute later, I flipped out an angy with an odd shape. It appears to be a positional tooth (or slightly pathological), but regardless it has compressed enamel near the root which is a nice feature on teeth. When I got home and the tooth had dries, I noticed some lighting streaks and mottling. Oh man. I continued finding nice teeth, some horse material and another point (broken spear tip). The day ended up with a bag-filler in additional to the quality items. I see another recon mission in the near future.

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added8/8/2008

A great haul..nice teeth...a couple of points, and some horse teeth.
The rest of the teeth and frags.

1-7/8" Speartip
1-7/8" Speartip
2" C. Angustiden
2" C. Angustiden
2-1/8" C. Angustiden
2-1/8" C. Angustiden





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