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Family Tradition

With our new found spot primed for an aquatic pillaging, myself, T$, DW and the two Weez-Boyzz all joined in a fossil bonanza. The day was sunny, hot; and the river viszo was pretty good. It did not take long for us gear up and start collecting. I found some nice layer covering Chandler Bridge and the binge began with a nice angy followed by a large squalodon incisor.  I was bagging teeth at a nice clip, and finally needed a lunch break. I met up with Megamouth and he showed me what keeping the rack in the family is all about with a killer quartz spear and a sweet angustiden deuce. Whew! I went back to collecting and found an interesting bone. I think it is a tortoise leg bone. The day continued with a decent croc tooth and a fish jaw section avec teeth. I was stoked--------If someone asks me how I got in that condition, just tell them I was carrying on----------you know the rest.

Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added8/19/2008

Another great river haul.
Haul pic #2 with large bone.

8" Leg bone
8" Leg bone
2-1/4" Squalodon tooth
2-1/4" Squalodon tooth
1-3/4" C. Angustiden
1-3/4" C. Angustiden
Awesome day in the Edisto
Awesome day in the Edisto

awesome finds - 8/19/2008
Reviewer : sharkdentist from
Total Rating : 10
looks like you guys hit a nice spot. Content Quality : 10 of 10

Drool Quotient : 10 of 10

Picture Quality : 10 of 10
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