February 25, 2018  
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Crappy loot from the Edisto

This dive is from a couple of weeks ago. I met up with DW, DF, WLing, and Mike to go do some diving in the Edisto. The conditions were not the greatest for diving. The water temperature was frigid and visibility in the water was dark and cloudy. I did manage to find a nice squalodon whale tooth and what I think is an eocene mako (Isurus praecursor). The finds today were mostly crap and speaking of crap. I found the biggest coprolite I’ve ever seen!
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/13/2009

Big Coprolite! This one looks like it might have hurt.

Last Dive of 2009
Last Dive of 2009
Edisto River Isurus Praecursor Mako Shark Tooth
Edisto River Isurus Praecursor Mako Shark Tooth
Fossil Squalodon Whale Tooth
Fossil Squalodon Whale Tooth





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