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Nice Rack

DW and I had been watching the river level like a hawk. We decided a plunder was in order after a dry week. DW promoted fosspitality by picking me up some tanks at the dive shop near his house. I got to DWs about 8:30 after juicing up on the java bean. I had to check out his killer Angy from last dive, and the cleaned up mammoth teeth. WoW!! What awesome finds. I lost nearly 2 quarts of water from my drooling. We hit the river, launched the boat, and made our way to the dive site. The sun was shining bright, and vis was good. DW both had the feeling of great collecting day. He summed it up best, "We are gonna rack". This man is wise beyond his years. I made my way over the "dunes" underwater and dropped onto a gravel bed of immense proportions. I looked down, and picked up a shamer 3-1/2 angy. Things were looking good. I began a zig-zag pattern, and among the large rocks was a rippled shape. It could not be. Yes, a mammoth tooth!! I secured it in my bag and hunted the area for more. After 30 minutes, I decided to fan the area just in case. No more mammoth teeth, but I ended up with a bag of shark teeth. DW and I met up to switch tanks, nibble on a snack, and gear up for Dive #2. He had really racked up with some sweet angys and 2 whole Megs. The second dive I went for quality. I found a nice gravel bed and fanned down about 8 inches into the layer. I turned up two whale teeth, a horse tooth, a croc tooth, and a mess of shark teeth. DW dinged his tank to indicate we must get going to avoid fosstility. He had raked in the teeth too!! This spot is loaded. Can't wait to go back!!
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added6/10/2004

the fossil haul
A good 2 inch fossil carcharocles angustidens shark tooth
Some squalodon teeth

Fossil Mammoth Tooth
Fossil Mammoth Tooth





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