January 20, 2018  
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Interesting New Fossil Diving Possibilities

Today I was finally able to get into the water again. The first thrill of the day came while I was launching my boat. Two dolphins were swimming side by side down the middle of the river. I couldn't believe it because the boat landing is at least 25 miles from the ocean and the water is entirely fresh. The river is narrow as well at this landing, so the two dolphins created a big wake as they swam back to the ocean. I so wish I hadn't forgotten my camera! Anyway, I bought a new dive light last week and it just got here Monday so I was dying to try it out. Its a head mount 10w HID light with a rechargable tank mountable light with ... get this ... 8 hours of burn time!!!!! When I got down on the bottom of the river, it was like I had the sun with me. The shark's teeth weren't jumping out at me, but it wasn't because I couldn't see them, that's for sure. I think I was concentrating a little too far upthe bend. Next time I'll scoot back a hundred yards and see what I find. All I know is this spot was loaded with that Chandler Bridge -esque lense of the Ashley Formation. Its the same one I was talking about a few weeks ago in my rant about the large cusps on the Angustidens teeth I'm finding lately. Anyway, I turned up a chunk of an archaeocete tooth today, and I'm floored. Jedi Master told me they were in there but I never thought I'd run across one this quickly. Its not in good shape, but it makes diving that place that much more tantalizing.
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/30/2004

Here's a closeup of the archaeocete molar half I found. One of these days, I'm gonna find a whole row of these sticking out of that clay. Maybe if I keep telling myself that, it will happen!!
This is another interesting fossil. Its a section of antler from some big creature like a bison, elk, or deer of some kind. Its like 2 inches in diameter, so whatever it was, it was big.
The antler is hollow in the middle.

Mo’ Money
Mo’ Money
Parotodus Patrol
Parotodus Patrol
Chalk this one up to experience
Chalk this one up to experience





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