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Shark Tooth ... Uhhh, I mean, Whale Tooth Diving at its best

I've been jonesin to get back out into the water since my great day last week where I loaded up on the shark teeth, plus came home with 2 nice ones, a parotodus and a megalodon. I wasn't foolish enough to think it would happen again today, but I was willing to give it a shot. da f0ssZ came down to dive with me, and we wasted no time getting to the dive spot. We were in the water within minutes. I was hungry for a big score as I swam the vast expanses of gravel covered Chandler Bridge hoping to see a root or blade from a big angustidens hanging out waiting for someone to take it home. I happened upon a pile of bones sticking out of the layer, so I started fanning around looking for a skull. There I found my first shark tooth of the day, a shamer angustidens. It was like that all around, though, when I found anything. Its tough to hunt the Chandler Bridge because it’s so barren. Plus, the vis was terrible - less than 8 inches even with my new light bazooka. I worked my way around the bend and perched on a nice gravel bed, and there I made what I though was my find of the day. It was a nice double rooted squalodon tooth. Everything was intact, and I slipped it into my pocket for safekeeping. All I ever hope for is one nice thing, and since I had it, I decided to just enjoy the rest of the day fossil hunting. Wouldn't you know it, but as soon as I started to relax, I started finding more shark's teeth. Still nothing was whole, but I was having a great time. I looked at my watch and we had less than 45 minutes until it was time to go. How time flies! Then I really started to score. I picked up a 3 inch killer angustidens shark tooth only missing the tip serration - that's the one that's always gone. Then, minutes later, I found another double rooted squalodon tooth, and this one was serrated! I slipped it into my pocket, and unbelievably, there was another one just a few feet away and this one was a killer. It, too, was serrated like the one I had just found, but this one was still in the layer. The fragile tips of each root were still intact. I thought to myself, my pal Miocene Marine Mammal Man will be proud. My whale tooth pocket was starting to feel full, and I had a big grin on my face as I got out of the water. da f0ssZ knew about the first squalodon tooth, but when I whipped out the other two, he was astounded. Then, I pulled out the big angustidens tooth. He oohed and ahhed for a minute or so before he showed me his finds. He had a bucket filler day, complete with a couple nice angustidens teeth of his own. Fossil diving is always great, especially when everyone finds something good.
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/23/2004


1 7/16" Squalodon Molar
1 7/16" Squalodon Molar
1 5/16" Squalodon Molar
1 5/16" Squalodon Molar
1 1/2" Squalodon Molar
1 1/2" Squalodon Molar





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