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Shark Tooth ... Uhhh, I mean, Whale Tooth Diving at its best

I called up DW for a trip to the Edisto to get my fossil fix. I had an OK day at the pit, but we all know what the river can produce. We hit a familar section of river, and recent rains had scoured the bottom. We both headed for a section with Chandler Bridge all over the bottom. We both steadily picked up teeth, and in the middle of dive, DW had scored a nice little double root whale tooth. I had some shark teeth, and one decent angy. We met up near the end of the day, and DW had hit a gold mine. Four whale teeth !! Nice ones too. I had managed a small pristine angy and a horse tooth. It was another fun day in the river.
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added7/23/2004


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