January 19, 2018  
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The Megalodon Tooth Fairy

The scores kept on coming as I hitched up the dive gear for a solo dive in the Edisto again today. I literally filled up my catch bag with shark teeth as I scoured the big bend where da f0ssZ and I dove last week. My search patterns were tighter this time, and the rewards were great. I actually pulled my best megalodon tooth to date from this river today. I found it completely exposed on the marl bottom. In one gravel bed, I found a pile of big teeth. It was amazing - 4 big angustidens all lying right next to each other. None were in great shape, but its just something cool to see that many big teeth on the bottom all at once. Where a sand bar was rinsing away in one spot to expose the underlying gravel, I found a nice bottle. There are no markings on it anywhere except for a single '4' on the bottom, but I figured it was old since there are no threads for a screw-on lid. I also found bag full of fossil bones I brought home for the bone garden. A final exclamation point on the day was my conversation with a local as I was packing up my gear. He said he saw two dolphins swimming up the river several miles further inland than where I saw them a month ago. It has to be the same ones I saw. Now, here's the real kicker - he saw a manatee! I had no idea they were ever came to South Carolina, much less to my humble little dive spot! That would be a real treat to see one of those AND to find fossils in the same day.
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/27/2004

A closeup of the bottle I found today.

Barracuda Jaw
Barracuda Jaw
4" Megalodon shark tooth
4" Megalodon shark tooth





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