February 25, 2018  
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Taking a breather whether I deserve it or not!

I'm getting pinched by the man in the worst way. 70 hours a week doesn't leave time to do much, so my fossil hunting has been put on ice lately. Last night at 2 in the morning, my eyes glazed over and I decided I had spent too much time in front of a computer. It was time to go diving. I hit the river and didn't look back. I didn't rack like I dreamed, but I picked up enough to make it really fun. I only have a couple more weeks of drudgery left before my deadlines are all met and I can hunt like a normal person again. Unfortunately, my Aurora trip this coming weekend is out, but such is the price of responsibility. I might be able to work in another quick river run instead so I don't have to be bitter AND busy.
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/17/2005


Another fun day on the Edisto
Another fun day on the Edisto
To boldly go where no man has gone lately…
To boldly go where no man has gone lately…





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