September 25, 2020  
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This weekend was supposed to be the bi-annual pilgrimage to Aurora NC to collect at the PCS mine. As it turned out, both myself and DW were pinched for time and a weekend trip was not on the slate. We both had part of Saturday to hunt, so we decided to hit the Edisto. I met up early at DWs house around 9AM and we decided to give my new truck its first fossilin' trip. After we loaded up and got 31/32 of the way to the dive spot, DW began to mutter unpleasantries about his knack for forgetting something. This time it was his dive booties. We began a maze of circular logic and I realized I was going to be out a pair of socks (these were not my lucky land socks, so I conceeded them). But DW has fosspitality and offered me a pair of his. As we geared up, DW borrowed my dive and began to cut up some floats from his boat. These, combined with my socks, were his make-shift dive booties. DW showed that he is wise before his years, and one heck of an inventor; "Desperate times call for desperate measures" he said; my response "Necessity is the mother of invention". We paused in utter amazement at our philosophical banter, and proceeded to collect like there was no tomorrow. I hit the gravel beds hard, and pulled out a killer 2.5" angy, then a Indian scraper. DW then scored a prize Oligocene benedeni. We decided to try a new spot after a short break. We both were racking large quantities of teeth, with a few nice smaller teeth scattered in the lot. After we started to head for the boat, I fanned a few more sections, and flipped out a huge angy. It has a killer root, bourlette, serrations and cusps. There is feeding damage, but what a way to end the day.
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added9/24/2005

A bag-filler day on the Edisto

1.5 Inch Scraper
1.5 Inch Scraper
Partial Mastodon Tooth
Partial Mastodon Tooth
1.75 Inch Megalodon
1.75 Inch Megalodon
2.25 Inch Angustiden
2.25 Inch Angustiden
1.75 Inch Angustiden
1.75 Inch Angustiden





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