February 21, 2018  
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Last Edisto Fossil Dive of the Year?

Another week went by with no real rain, and my favorite dive spot beckoned me to sample its goods. I scoured the bottom up river from our normal haunts. The oligocene Chandler Bridge formation was just under the sand in this spot, so I fanned all day in hopes of finding a killer lurking just out of sight. In some spots, I could fill a sifter and bring it up to tha weEzlinG so he, too, could partake in the glory of the hunt. There was even one area so perfect that he could ride on my back while I crawled a shallow outcropping of layer with just a snorkel. It was in this small fluke area that I found the parotodus. To believe I went years without finding even a broken specimen, and now, two weeks in a row, I score a complete one. In the same area I found a nice Isurus retroflexus. Near the end of my hunt, I came upon a nice whale tooth just below the sand. Then, 30 seconds later, another nice one. Then a chunk of double rooter! I frantically fanned more in hopes of unearthing a big skull, but no luck. It was exciting, though!
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/1/2005


Squalodon tooth
Squalodon tooth
Squalodon tooth
Squalodon tooth
Parotodus benedeni shark tooth
Parotodus benedeni shark tooth
Retroflexus Shark Tooth
Retroflexus Shark Tooth





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