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The fish are biting in the Edisto

Our recent dry spell in South Carolina has dropped the river levels to a good diving depth. I called up DW wand we agreed it was our civic duty to show the world the fossil goodies lying on the river bed. We arrived at Edisto to find it shallow enough for a safe dive, but at the same time the current was unusually strong. DW took the deep bend, and I took the shallower sections downriver. I did not bring my mega-super dive light, and I am glad I stuck in the shallower portions as the day turned cloudy. We met up after about an hour and half to get a beverage and a snack. For some reason, this large carp had been nibbling on my wetsuit at the ankle, and I was not in the mood for fish (Luckily, I brought chicken). We both scored some teeth, but no killers. In the afternoon, I swam around and found a spot with teeth sticking out of the bottom. I fanned this spot about 12 square feet and simply racked in the shark teeth. My best find was a 2-3/4” angy. It has some river wear, but the deep copper color is wonderful. DW searched more upstream and had also racked some poundage. Even though there were no screamers, it was a nice day on the river.
Location Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Memberda fossz
Date Added6/3/2006

The first river dive was a bag-filler. A lot of frags, and some small keepers.

2-3/4" Angustidens
2-3/4" Angustidens





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