October 23, 2021  
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Catching up on some trips.

Haven't posted much lately due to the lack of being able to hunt with it raining almost every weekend.  But we did manage to get a couple days in last month that weren't to bad.  The best find of both days I would have to say is the just about perfect cow shark tooth that the wife found but she picked it up and ran over to me with it so I couldnt get the ground shot.  This is a first complete one from this location and only the second ever found for us.  Hopefully we can keep the luck going as we get closer to the Aurora fossil season.  Until next time good luck hunting and stay safe!

Location Craven County, North Carolina, USA

Date Added2/4/2008

Day 1
Day 2
Nice ground shot of the ric

Perfect Echinoid (Cassidulus cf. sabistonensis)
Perfect Echinoid (Cassidulus cf. sabistonensis)
Nice Cow shark
Nice Cow shark





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