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Another One

After seeing DW and T$ out everyday picking up handfulls of teeth i had to get out there and find me somthing.  The other afternoon I had some spare time so headed out in the heat to do some hunting.  First spot I went was a neighborhood thats being built.  Usally I can find at least 1 Ptychodus tooth there, but pickings were slim.  As I started down one of the lot sites I started to spot teeth.  After picking up a few teeth I looked back between my legs and there it lay.  A HUGE fossil pearl. 13mm. At that point I was done looking and I wanted to go home and start the emails telling of my luck, but just incase there was another I stayed for a little while longer. 
Location Dallas County, Texas, USA

Date Added8/28/2007

The days findings
Fossil Pearl

Fossil Pearl
Fossil Pearl





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