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This is a combo of a few trips.  And this a bit old. 

The first day I checked back in at this spot I was just wandering around hopeing to find at least something.  This spot has been picked a lot and the machines have done their damage as well.  After picking up a few pieces, I spot a monster, (here in Tx thats anything over an inch)  It was perfect  Cretoxyrhina Mantelli, only a tiny bit of blade damage.  I have been searching for these whole here for a while.  I have plenty of pieces of them that would have been 2 inch teeth, but the machines claimed them before me.  The rest of that day was pretty much done, I didnt really find anything worth talking about. 

The rest of my trips to this spot were met with rain.  As you can see the majority of the stuff I found was broken, missing so or all of its root.  Very Frustrating.  I picked up many that I thought they were going to be awesome , but nope.  I ended up with some nice Ptychodus teeth, and one monster.

Location Dallas County, Texas, USA

Date Added10/7/2007

This is the frustrating part

Cretoxyrhina Mantelli
Cretoxyrhina Mantelli





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