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A drop in from South Carolina

I recently got an unexpected call, it went something like this: "hi, is ****** there?" and I say "yes, this is ******" and I get asked if I remember this individual, and lo and behold it was friend of the website, Indiana! I was out in SC hunting a few years ago and encountered him and he was nice enough to let me tag along with him. So I told him that if he ever found himself out in Texas I would return the favor and sure enough he was in state. So wouldn't you know it, we planned our trip and it just happened to be the coldest weekend of the year in Dallas, to the tune of ice storms, freezing rain/drizzle and uncountable accidents! We were fine, although somewhat chilled, but we did well and I believe Indiana had a nice time. We didn't wander to as many spots as I would've liked due to not trusting road conditions in the outlying areas but we did find some good stuff. He found a couple species of Ptychodus, some Squalicorax falcatus, a partial mosasaur tooth, and a Cretodus crassidens. With some of the Ptychodus and Squalicorax he found some loose teeth as well as some in a limestone matrix. After the toothing we also hit a spot that is a big hill littered with Septarian Nodules and he was nice enough to help me load a 100lb specimen into my truck. For those unaware of septarian nodules they translate to a cretaceous geode basically. They are large hollow mudballs that turned into stone and have much calcite and aragonite inside. Anyhow, here are some shots of what Indiana found. Enjoy!
Location Dallas County, Texas, USA

Date Added2/18/2006

A group shot

Squalicorax falcatus
Squalicorax falcatus





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