February 25, 2018  
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Well, after much fun in Florida, I finally have a report from Texas, about Texas. We have been finding it harder and harder to hunt out here when we get spoiled on trips out to the East Coast and find a lot more quantity. But, you can't beat some of the stuff we find out here due to how uncommon it is and that not that many people find the same things I do out here. I recently suffered the death of my favorite spot ever in Texas, and I darn near shed a tear about it. It was this great ditch and now has been converted into a bulldozed pond and fossiling is now done there. It happens, but its still sad. I've finally managed to find a few of the more rare species out of the Texas cretaceous, so here they are for your viewing pleasure!
Location Dallas County, Texas, USA

Date Added5/6/2006


Ptychodus polygyrus
Ptychodus polygyrus
Heterodontus sp.
Heterodontus sp.
Sawfish rostral tooth
Sawfish rostral tooth





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