February 21, 2018  
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Creek Adventure

A while back a friend told me of this creek that produced teeth in the gravel bars so i decided to check it out.  Not sure of what to find i brought all i could think of to hunt, shovel, sifter, bucket, LOTS of water, but decided to wear just mud boots.  Bad idea, i was about half way up the river and the water wasn't that deep so i was in good shape.  Water got a little deeper and the bottom was muddy and I sank in the mud, and my boots filled.  Wasn't real happy after that until i found a little drainage ditch that had some nice teeth in it.  My find for the day was a nice 1 1/4 vert.  I also got a nice 3/4 in Ptychodus Whipplei.  Also found an old bottle of some sort and an old button.  I didn't stay too long since my feet got wet, i decided to pack up and dry off and head to another location about an hour from there.
Location Denton County, Texas, USA

Date Added5/6/2007







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