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How to dig for teeth

Today was the annual birthday dig, and everybody was down - Roy, da f0ssZ, thA duDe, t-MoneY, J of the Golden Shovel and Mrs. Of the Golden Shovel. We were going to take the house down. But then, one of the dudes from the development showed up. He's been out there all week at lunch digging next to us, and today he just stopped by to say hey. And for a few bucks, to show us how to REALLY dig for teeth. He went and fired up the track hoe and took off a whole corner for us to dig in. The excitement was electric! But we dug and dug, and there was nothing there! He uncovered like 50 square feet, and there were no whole megs. Just makes you shake your head, you know? But that's the kind of thing you never know about. It was awesome to watch, though. The 6 of us tore through that entire area in a little more than 2 hours. We are truly fiends. The rest of the day really didn't turn up anything else, either. What we didn't find in quality, we found in quantity, to be sure!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added3/9/2002

The dude up there in the track hoe dug down to the layer for us. With that machine, it took 5 minutes to clear off the area. It took 6 of us 2 hours to dig out the layer that was uncovered. Tough to believe there were no megs down there!

Treasure between the Blizzard Branches
Treasure between the Blizzard Branches
Last hunt of 2009-December 30--Brrrrrrr!
Last hunt of 2009-December 30--Brrrrrrr!
Nice Creek Teeth
Nice Creek Teeth





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