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A double shot

You know, I actually do have a job. But you wouldn't know it with all the toothing I have been doing lately. Its because of my job that I get to go so much. I work less than a mile from the forbidden pond, so I have been going at lunch whenever I can. Today was no different. We had some serious rain the other night, so I was able to walk the fields where they have been spreading the dirt from the ponds first, and I found a few decent ones that way. Then, I went digging in the hole. Its almost finished, now, so the lunches here will have to stop. That doesn't mean that I won't quickly find another spot! I've really enjoyed the toothing at lunch - it splits the day up nicely. Anyway, I didn't find too much to speak of. The meg was broken, as was the best angy. Its tough to find them that way, but at least I got both pieces. The one redeeming tooth of the day was the killer little reef shark tooth. This is only the second of these I have ever found and its pristine!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/3/2002


5/8" Reef Shark Tooth
5/8" Reef Shark Tooth





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