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Raw sewage and a mud hole

Doesn't the title of my trip today just make you wanna get out there and hunt for some teeth? Well, I generally don't get into the idea of playing in that stuff either, but we really didn't know what we were in for when the day began. I say we because da f0ssZ came down and so did the earthbeater from up way up north in arctic Pennsylvania. I told him some time ago that I would take him to find some teeth, and I figured he would do better sifting than digging, so we hit the old creek first. We arrived at 8 to the creek at low tide. It had a smell like I didn't remember - yup, sewage. Man, it was NASTY! Being the die hard toothers we were, though, we ventured forth into the muck to discover the treasures buried beneath the sand. The water was COLD! Cold sewage… even more gross. We waded out to where the water got a little deeper so we had a better chance of finding something. Every step we took, our feet sunk into the quagmire. Bubbles rose from the bottom, stinking of rotting leaves, sticks, and … well, you know. We stuck our shovels in to scoop out some rocks and got more black goo then we did sand and rocks. Good thing we were wearing gloves. Well, da f0ssZ and I were anyway. Earthbeater was ungloved - he's more of a man than I am. Anyway, we sifted until the tide started coming in from the Ashley (or Trashley, as we call it) and the water got dirtier. How can it get nastier than sewage, you ask? Until you've seen the Trashley, you've never seen nasty. I won't even dive in that river. It makes the Cooper look like spring water! Anyway, the finds were meager as you can see from the photo. I found a piece of pottery and the root from what would have been a 4" or 5" angy. Shame…
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/13/2002


A promising new Summerville spot
A promising new Summerville spot
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Hunt Healthy





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