August 12, 2022  
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Another one bites the dust

Its so hard to find a good place to hunt fossils. You finally come across one that produces, and you kindof get used to hunting there. Its like a safety net. It’s a beautiful day, you're gonna fossil hunt! Where ya gonna go? You never have to ask that question because you just know. Then, all the sudden, the work is finished and they put grass all over the new spot to keep the edges from eroding. Sure, if it rains once or twice soon after the terrible grassing, you can pick up a few more teeth. But finally, you admit its over. You sink your head low, as if to pay a last respect to a dear friend. So was today - the end of yet another great hunting spots. Vive la germanic pit! The grass is growing like crazy with the recent rains, and the erosion has all but ceased. Lunch today was the last time I'll go to that spot. It was an hour well spent, though. I did find a few more teeth. Its sad, but an inexcapable truth. I'll have to scope out another lunch time haunt.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/27/2002


2 1/6" Narrow-toothed Mako shark tooth
2 1/6" Narrow-toothed Mako shark tooth





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