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Almost a killer day

We decided to go try some other spots. Why waste all day at one place if you're not finding anything? We investigated another old ditch, but it was so overgrown that you couldn't find anything in it. After a trip to Taco Bell, We finally ended up over at the Golf Course. We spent the rest of the day there, and again my spirit was crushed by broken megs. Why couldn't these sharks be more careful?? I didn't dig the wall back but 6 inches or so, though, so I'll bet there are more teeth to be found there. I sense some lunch trips next week!

Then, I get home and I find out that cuLverT ferRet had been hard at work baking cookies all day. She made something like 20 - 30 dozen cookies along with fudge and candy. It all tasted good, but she made Trilobite cookies, and they ruled! They are unfrosted here so you can see how much they really look like Trilobites. If you ever want to have a fossil party, serve these! She sells the little tool that makes them, so email me if you want one. What a great wife I have!

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/14/2002

Here's the group of teeth I found at the golf course. See those three megs in the top row? I found them all within a few feet of each other. I'm totally gonna go back and dig more next week sometime because there has to be more there.

When the wind blows, does the tooth not hear the sound of one hand clapping?
When the wind blows, does the tooth not hear the sound of one hand clapping?
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The Marathon
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Plundering a New Pond





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