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Everything is progressing as I have forseen

Today I went digging back at the golf course for an hour during lunch. I found those 3 meg pieces really close together last Saturday, and I just had a hunch that there would be more there. I just kept peeling back the edge a little further where I had dug Saturday. I had dug for a length of about 20 feet, and it was almost time to go. On one of the last digs, I peeled back a little layer and exposed the root and part of the blade. I so wish I had my camera! Anyway, I carefully extracted it and it was more or less complete! I'm so glad - I was starting to go into megalodon withdrawal. I still feel like there is something there. I won't go back tomorrow, though. I don't want to get arrested for fossil bogarting, so I'll give that spot a few day's rest. I'll go across the street from my work and do a little digging. Plus, I'll bring the camera just in case!

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/17/2002

Not much for quantity, but any day I find a complete meg is a good day.

Almost a killer day
Almost a killer day
Another Peach
Another Peach
The end of a spot??
The end of a spot??





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