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Still looking for a new spot

With our failure on Monday and the complete clensing of the ditch yesterday, we needed a new spot. We tried to get into this one new place but this guy wouldn't let us in. 2th ho0ver told us to call him today sometime if we wanted to go, so we did. We went out to one of his old haunts - this gigantic canal out near Jedburg. We walked and walked, but there were no fossils to be found. Finally, when we reached the other end (near a road) we found loads of the good stuff - gravel all over the bottom. The water level was pretty high still from the rain, so we had to sift. But, we didn't have our sifters, so we walked back to our trucks and drove around to the other side. By this time, we only had about 2 hours left so we sifted like it was our last shot of the year to find something (come to think of it, it was!). There wasn't much in the way of complete fossils, but there were lots. We would generally find something in every sifter full. It wasn't the greatest spot in the world, but if the water level were ever to be very low, there would probably be a lot just lying around in the deeper spots that we could just pick up. We'll keep this place in the back of our minds for some other time.

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added12/27/2002


1 1/4" Long-Finned Mako Shark Tooth
1 1/4" Long-Finned Mako Shark Tooth





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