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Am I a little early?

Well it was time again for my trip to Lafarge, I loaded up the truck with every possible fossiling tool in my possesion, dive gear , tanks , shovels screeens , I even brought my canoe. I was ready for any possible scenerio. I picked up my son early from school on Friday and we headed up to South Carolina. We checked in to the hotel and got a good nights rest, I wanted to get up early to be the first in line to get in Lafarge. We got up bright and early grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to the mine. We were making great time for once, the past few trips we ran a little late. So we pulled into Lafarge about 6:45, I didn't see any cars or anyone standing outside so I figured I would wait across the street until I see someone then I would head in.  Well we waited and waited and waited but no one was coming. It was about 7:15 when I started thinking something was wrong . Thats when I started to do the math,  it was the third weekend of April but...only.. the  second Saturday   DOH!!!  At that point I was ready to just go home, so we headed back to the hotel for awhile.  After driving this far we decided to stay, so I gave DW a call . It turned out to be a wake up call (sorry again about that). He said we were in luck , there was a small constuction site doing some digging that looked promissing. We  met up after lunch for a few hours of digging. The kids had more fun playing in the dirt and mud than looking for teeth. I got a shamer angy with a nice blade but the roots shot, a horse tooth, partial mastadon tooth and a sweet desori. Sunday was a wash with the weather but it looks like Lafarge got hit with some good rain. I'll be back next week!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/17/2007


A Spot with Potential - But that
A Spot with Potential - But that's it
1-19/32" desori
1-19/32" desori





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