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The Spring Rains

I'm back in the ditches now that the Spring rains have arrived with the beginning of summer. The weather is strange, but there's always somewhere to hunt teeth. Take the Yellow ditch, for instance. So named because most of the teeth that come from it are yellow, with the occasional white or blue / grey mixed in. When it rains hard, the ditch fills up and runs fast, but only for a few minutes. Its usually enough to uncover some nice ones, and this time was no exception.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/21/2007

Quite a haul of teeth, but this is actually the result of three trips. Its been raining a LOT lately!
A really nice double rooted squalodon tooth that tha boy found on this hunt.

Black River Fossils: The Next Generation
Black River Fossils: The Next Generation
Reef Shark Tooth
Reef Shark Tooth
Juvenile Great White Tooth
Juvenile Great White Tooth
Yellow Angustidens shark tooth
Yellow Angustidens shark tooth





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