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RivrDigrFest 07 - Day 1 Lafarge

The Fosslin' Floridian himself, rivrdigr, is living the dream fossil hunting in South Carolina non-stop for the next two weeks while he vacations. There will be diving galore, but today, the official first day of the fest was Lafarge day.

I ran into my fossil hunting friends pretty early in the day. I saw da fossz, rivrdigr and his new dive buddy, the phat boys (who racked!), and many other friends who I only see when their eyes are on the ground. t$ was there, too, but he was having a picnic instead of looking for teeth. Seriously! He threw down a blanket! I think I heard him talking about "a spot of tea". Something just isn't right with that guy...

I had decided to only dig today, since last time I saw so many people unearth nice shark teeth digging and I found junky ones surface collecting. The green cap is strange - sometimes I find stuff, and sometimes I don't. Today I found a couple of teeth in it, including one mega shamer auriculatus and a sweet sand shark. The ric was broken in 4 pieces, plus some slivers of enamel that I recovered. I glued it back together and it fit pretty well. Too bad the tip was decimated! I also loaded up the buckets with eocene material to go through during the next few months. Unfortunately while I was carrying the buckets back to the truck I hurt my shoulder again! UGH! It took 6 months to heal from the last time I hurt it.

Oh - Today was the weezling and tha boy's first time hunting at Lafarge.  Tha boy has officially decided to no longer be "tha boy". His official new BRFC name is megamouth in honor of both the shark and his own ability to eat Moe's, where we held the official naming ceremony and celebration of another a fine hunt.

Thanks to Lafarge for allowing us to collect fossils their cement quarry - Eocene wonderland.

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/22/2007


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A Tale of Two Pits
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Back To Farming Rics Again!
Eocene Sand Shark Tooth
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