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September Tropics Update

Like clockwork, the dry season has ended and the rainy season has started. The lowcountry of SC gets all kinds of rain this time of year, and even though it kills diving, it makes land collecting great. This hunt is from the beginning of the month, after the first really big rainfall.

I dropped the weezling off at school and he reluctantly got out of the truck because he knew where I was going. I loaded up on the bug spray because the mosquitos are the worst at this spot. Its not uncommon to be followed by a swarm the whole trip through the ditch. I still got bitten, but I didn't really care. The teeth were everywhere. The water rushing through the ditch had moved boulders and caused new spots to erode out.

The big hemipristis was the first killer to find its way into my pouch. Alone, it made the trip successful. I picked up a bunch of other teeth, but when I had reached the end I was surprised that I hadn't found a nice angustidens yet with so much erosion. Then, at the very end, I saw my prize laying at the bottom fully exposed. What a site to see! I skipped back to the truck gleefully - mostly because I was excited, but partially to outrun the mass of airborne predators!

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/16/2007

I love the colors of the teeth at this ditch. This is the only place I know that produces quality yellow and white teeth.

Summerville hemipristis tooth
Summerville hemipristis tooth
Summerville Angustidens tooth
Summerville Angustidens tooth





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