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Digging in the Muck of Riches

I called up DW earlier in the week to see if he wanted to do some collecting. I arrived at his pad on time today! The first place we checked out was void of fossils. Then we headed back to an old trusty spot that we both knew had potential. This is probably my favorite spot to dig because when it comes to finding teeth with a combination of about a hundred different colors. This is the spot that never fails to produce them. It’s not a big area and most of it has been dug out. You have to really dig deep if you want to find anything, but its well worth it. I found a nice little angy today and DW found one of the nicest land megs I’ve seen in awhile. I felt honored to be able to witness the score. No megs for me though, but Aurora is right around the corner .   

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/23/2007


Summerville Angustidens Shark Tooth
Summerville Angustidens Shark Tooth
The End of a Long Megalodon Drought
The End of a Long Megalodon Drought





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