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Sometimes the Path Is Easy

We had a quick rain shower the other day so I drove down to my favorite ditch after I dropped the weEzlinG off at school. There weren't any footprints so I knew I had a chance at something good. About halfway through the hunt I spied a reef shark tooth fully exposed in the bottom of the ditch. Sweet. Its nice to rack when there is still more ditch to scour.

This place is hit or miss, but its better where the oligocene formations are exposed so they can erode so the best spot is near the end of the ditch where the water flows faster. I almost always find something there after every rain. This time, there were no big ones, but I found a wicked pathologic tiger shark tooth with two tips. Its got a tiny little bit of root dingage but the pathology is so severe in the enamel that it doesn't matter. I seem to remember a forum thread about this kind of pathology a while back...

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/1/2007


Tiger Shark Tooth With Two Tips
Tiger Shark Tooth With Two Tips
Carcharoides catticus - Reef Shark Tooth
Carcharoides catticus - Reef Shark Tooth





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