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Quantity is good, too

Yesterday at work my dad called me to tell me about this giant hole in the ground that he saw. It was hard to make it through the day, but I finally did. Last night I went out there and found a HUGE hole - 15 feet deep and as big around as a football field. The entire non-submerged bottom is Chandler Bridge or Wando. Its a total fossil dream spot but its so new that the Chandler Hasn't weathered enough yet. So I really didn't find the killer angustidens I was expecting. I did, however, find plenty of Wando stuff, though, so I was appeased. Plus on the way back home, I spotted a new development. Today, tha duDe and t$ went with me to check out the new spot and to further explore the new chandler bridge place. First stop, new place. It was a 15 minute walk through ditches, muddy piles, and piles of wood before we got back to the spot. It was a huge, deep hole. Unfortunately, there wasn't any layer in the edges, so we couldn't dig it. Next stop, we went back to the Chandler Bridge spot that I went to last night. No rain overnight, but we were able to still find some teeth in the places I couldn't explore yesterday. The biggest thrill for me was the little benedeni. But still, even with the 3 of us, we didn't find anything spectacular. I hope we get some good rain out there before this spot is finished.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added6/21/2003

A combination of what I found last night and today. Its always fun to pick up this many teeth in a short period of time.

1 1/8" Benedeni Shark Tooth
1 1/8" Benedeni Shark Tooth





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