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The Skunking Grounds

I have been hunting a lot, even though I haven't been posting a lot. This is the sum of 5 hunts - about 15 hours of digging. I've known about this spot for a while, but the layer is so deep and the digging is so hard that I haven't hunted it for years. But I'm in famine mode now, so its back to the old spots.

The good thing about this place is the colors on the teeth - they are amazing!Plus there are big teeth there, but then comes the big downside - almost everything is broken. t$ found  really nice Mako there when I took him, but so far that's been the only nice thing found there in the modern era of subsistence hunting.

I'm glad I've reached my tooth hunting zen in the past few years so I can look at this as fun and exercise. But with land spots that produce megalodon teeth almost non-existant for months now, these types of results will become much more common for me and other Lowcountry fossil hunters in the future.

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added11/19/2007

At least there are some big megalodon chunks! It really keeps me going. The prospect of a complete tooth with those colors makes it worth any amount of digging.






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