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Passing the torch

The long 4th of July weekend started off Thursday with a failed trip to the big ditch. I thought it rained wednesday night, but when I got there, the high scum quotient told otherwise. I only hung out for an hour, because there was nothing to be found. I went home, and salvaged the day by doing chores and hangin with the fam. Friday morning, I hit that giant pit my dad told me about a few weeks ago - the one that's the size of a football field and has killer Chandler Bridge everywhere. For some reason, they turned off the pump and the bottom is filling up and they aren't even finished digging yet. There was still some huntable territory, but not nearly as much as last time. Anyway, I covered it all despite walking through water 5 inches higher than my boot-top. There wasn't much there. But, on the walk back to the truck, I walked the road and picked up almost every tooth in the photo there. I thought to myself, this is the easiest collecting I've ever done. Since the construction guys put all the rocks from the Wando layer in the pond all over the road, there were loads of teeth all over it. This would be a good place to bring someone new. Immediately, I thought of the weezling, now a mere 2 weeks shy of 3 years old. He's doing well with everything else, so why not let him try fossil hunting. He loves the teeth! My plan was to take him Saturday afternoon while my wife went to the movies with the other 2 kids. Its a half an hour drive out there, and with his attention span piqueing at 45 minutes to an hour, we'd be back home by the time the movie was over. First, we fueled at his favorite restaurant He had a blast, man. He figured it out, too. It was really fun - I can't wait until another easy spot opens up so I can take him again.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added7/5/2003

This is a black widow and a brown recluse I ran into today. Glad I saw them first! I wonder how many teeth are below them right now??
This is what my son found his first time out. He had a little help, but I think he did pretty well for a person under 3!
This is a picture of him participating first-hand in the weekly tooth washing festival. He's so excited because he sees that same look on my face as I wash my teeth off :-)
This is the sum of what I found last night and today. I let the weezling find most of the stuff today, though.

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