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Lafarge....always a lot of fun !

Well I woke up early on Saturday looking forward to another trip to Lafarge. I have seen a lot of nice stuff come out of there in the past and was hoping for a good size Ric this time. Well I arrived there before 7am and parked my car in the usual caravan of vehicles. I noticed many out of state license plates and am always amazed at the distances people travel to hunt there. Glad I'm a local !! Anyway the hunt was on moments later and a few minutes into the hunt I spotted a nice size left root ear and side cusplet of a Ric sticking out of the ground about 10 feet away. I immediately went over and pulled it out...it was all there ! Sorry in my haste I forgot the ground photo shot. It had a few dings, but at a hair under 2-3/4 inches long and 2-1/4 inches wide I am not complaining. I found a few nice Eocene Makos further into the hunt and a shamer Ric which would have dwarfed my first one, but I was content. Everyone I met was having a good time and really what is more fun than digging in the dirt ?
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added4/21/2008

Teeth found today
2-11/16th inch Auriculatis tooth

My Day in the Sun
My Day in the Sun
Land Ho!
Land Ho!
The megalodon shark tooth hole
The megalodon shark tooth hole





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