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The Luck of the Dutch

This past week, I've been hunting with the Dutch guys on their vacation. I couldn't stay with them all day long, but I tried to hunt with them some everyday. During that time, I saw many awesome finds and enjoyed watching my new friends dance with joy over some of the spectactular fossils they found. On their last day fossil hunting, I snagged the weezling out of school so he could meet my guests who had come from so far away. I hoped he would gain learn something from the school of life. But true to form, he was all about the business of hunting shark teeth. He talked a little but sifted a lot. And then, right in front of Bill, he found the best angustidens of his young life. I'm glad that Bill witnessed the fossil hunting prowess of the next generation.

Be sure to check out the article I wrote about Hans, Renee, Bill, Willem, and Cor's visit to the US called Dutch Creek.

Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added5/10/2008

The weezling shows off his prize angustidens to Hans and Bill.
Hard at work looking for more teeth.
My fossil finds for the past few days of hunting.

Best Angy Ever
Best Angy Ever
Fossilized Modern Great White Shark Tooth
Fossilized Modern Great White Shark Tooth
Angustidens Shark Tooth
Angustidens Shark Tooth
Angustidens shark tooth
Angustidens shark tooth





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