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Plundering a New Pond

A friend of mine told me about a new spot, and co-worker of mine told be about another, so we had two places to go. It was hard deciding to dig because tha duDe went diving the other day and he had me itching to do that, too. Anyway, I picked up t$ and tried to get Indiana, too, but he bailed saying he hurt too bad from fishing the day before. All I can say it that it would take a little more than pain to keep me from hunting. We went to the first spot and it stunk royally, so we proceeded to the second spot within minutes. The second place turns out to be a new pond at the spot that should not be, and there was some pretty good layer exposed. We dug for about 5 hours, and my highlight of the day was a small meg early on. Later, I found a shamer benedini. Perfect except for feeding damage to the tip. How often do I find those? Hardly never! It hurt to pull it out and see that it was broken, but that's the way it is. If every find were pristine, I think it would take some of the fun out. t$ made a pretty interesting find, too, but I'll let him tell you about it.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added10/5/2003

The layer these teeth came from is incredibly hard. Its amazing any of these teeth came out whole.

1 15/16" Pathologic Mako Shark Tooth
1 15/16" Pathologic Mako Shark Tooth
3 1/16" Megalodon Shark Tooth
3 1/16" Megalodon Shark Tooth





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