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Birthday week leads to several hunts

Well my birthday week has come and gone and left me with nice teeth and fun times. Ozzyrules from NorthCarolina was down to do some hunting in the lowcountry with myself. This week had us hunting up a strom from North Carolina, Summerville, and Edisto river. The following pics were taken of some of the teeth that was found in the chandler bridge formation in summerville. Stay tuned for pics from North Carolina hunt and Edisto river hunt.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added8/17/2008

Check out the colors on this tooth look like someone painted bands on it.

it’s nice to be first for once
it’s nice to be first for once
The pond gets stingy
The pond gets stingy
Gnats, Sun and Teeth
Gnats, Sun and Teeth

Happy Birthday! - 8/18/2008
Reviewer : Cetacean from
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Met Ozzyrules and his son for dinner Saturday on his way back to NC. He told us y'all had a great time and showed us the finds from the day. He also gave me a very nice piece of petrified wood. Sounds like you had a good birth-week, most of us only get a birth-day :-)
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